Technical competence strengthens our competitiveness

Together with our partners, we develop and test the technology of the future to improve energy efficiency and density. Our data centers are designed to secure our customers digital assets in all situations.

  • Technology secures our customers' assets

    EcoDataCenter challenged an entire industry by independently designing and building the first climate-positive data center. Although sustainability is important, and will become even more important in the coming years, operational reliability is always our highest priority. Our customers can thus not only be confident that we contribute to their sustainability work by making their IT operations more sustainable, in addition we can guarantee that their equipment is located in one of the most well-built and secure data centers available on the market. During the design and construction process of our data centers nothing is left to chance, because we know that success lies in the finest details. We always choose equipment and materials based on their environmental impact, quality and efficiency and everyone who visits our data centers can see how well-built they are.

  • Mikael Svanfeldt. CTO
  • The technology of the future is already here

    Innovation is part of our DNA. Together with world-leading partners, we drive the development forward.

    Technology, together with design, is a very important tool for securing our customers' data and at the same time be able to reduce energy consumption. By combining smart design with the latest technology, we increase efficiency and make our data centers even more safe and sustainable.

    Mikael Svanfeldt, CTO

  • Redundancy

    To create maximum operational reliability, both high-quality products and solutions are required, as well as carefully designed topplogy. Redundancy can be created in many different ways, by. The difficulty is not to combine parallel systems to a sufficient solution, it is to create redundancy without using as few components as possible. This is because every component that is installed in a data center also constitutes a potential source of malfunction. EcoDataCenter has the the advanced technical knowledge it takes to optimize redundancy and our data centers are carefully designed and built to secure our customers digital assets in all situations.

  • Flexibility

    Today's data centers, unlike the old generation facilities, cannot be static and of the “one type fits all” type. On the contrary, they have to be easily adaptable according to different customer requirements. The industry is developing very fast, and the customers have different requirements when it comes to density, redundancy, security, measurement and reporting.

    This places very high demands on the technical solutions in the data centers, which must be designed and constructed in a way that enables adaptations to specific customer requirements. We see a clear trend towards increased density and we have a plan to deploy the first liquid-based immersion cooling solutions in 2021, something that requires our facilities to be ready for this new technology.

  • Quick RFS

    Nowadays, quick decisions often apply, which has a major impact on our data centers. This is especially noticeable in the expectations of a shorter time span from the first contact until the customer can take their equipment in use.

    For that reason, our facilities have a modular design so that they can be built or expanded quickly. Our goal is to always have a few MW available, so that we can onboard customers at a short notice, but the reality is that we often need to make customer adjustments. The possibility of easy adaptation is a great advantage with our facilities compared to many others.

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