A team of experts

At an early stage in our company history, we decided to keep the most important knowledge inhouse, by creating a highly skilled and competent team of employees.

  • A new generation of data centers

    EcoDataCenter has revolutionized the data center industry by developing and driving sustainability to a new level. In addition, we have developed our own design that allows us to quickly expand our data centers and easily adapt them to customers' needs or new technology such as liquid-cooled hardware.

  • Karin Wigert, HR
  • A highly skilled team

    The people in an organization are the most important thing of all.

    Our employees are our most important asset and competitive advantage. The value we place in them permeates everything we do, from our recruitment process to how we develop our workers. We recruit our employees with great care for the details. Step by step, we build a dynamic and competent team with world-class knowledge.

    Karin Wigert, HR

  • A success factor

    Although our partners are important for our success, it is a competitive advantage to have the stars in our own organization. It guarantees continued development and secures that we run our data centers with the attitude and heart founded in EcoDataCenter's values. With the goal set to become the Nordic region's leading data center supplier, one of our most important success factors is to have as broad and strong internal competence as possible.

  • Our most important asset

    Our employees, who by virtue of their competence and in their various roles do their utmost to offer the best possible service to our customers. Even though EcoDataCenter is a quite young company, we already have a strong and positive culture and a commitment that encompasses the entire company.

    We have many strong, extremely competent and loyal individuals in our team, but what makes the biggest difference is that we are team players. Together, we form a really strong team, always ready to work hard for the benefit of our customers and to achieve our goal of becoming the Nordic region's leading data center.

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