Our cutting edge security protects your digital assets

With a combination of high security awareness, world-class systems and a range of proactive actions to minimize the risk of external threats, we keep our customers’ digital assets safe.

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  • Security is a complex issue that extends beyond our shell protection, all the surveillance to which our sites are subjected, and the unparalleled level of security awareness that is part of our DNA. The fact is that the level of security is the sum total of all its parts, and every detail is equally important. Security characterizes our entire business, from the location and design of our sites, to our values and the way we quality assure our operations.

  • Dan Andersson, COO
  • Extremely high level of security

    Efficient security systems, routines and processes and shell protection are combined for ultimate protection.

    Our security includes everything from choosing a safe location of the site to setting daily work-flows. We take care of every detail when it comes to technology, processes, design of premises and safety regulations.

    Dan Andersson, CEO

EcoDataCenter's security in a nutshell

Site locations

The security of all our sites is designed according to their physical location, which creates different conditions and opportunities. The surroundings are part of the security systems, not least in Falun and Piteå where nature contributes with physical obstacles. All site locations are carefully selected with regard to factors such as floods, earthquakes, and the risk of being affected by other external events that could make operations more difficult or threaten the facilities. The buildings are placed on the plots to allow for large security zones. Our Main Site in Falun and both our Arctic Sites are located in areas with low risks of natural disasters and at a reasonable distance from the traffic that can cause accidents, i.e. airway corridors, railways, and major traffic routes. The two sites in Stockholm constantly replicate each other's content and are located in different parts of the city. The distance contributes to the level of security by reducing the probability of a simultaneous attack on both centers.


Multiple layers of protection

All our sites have advanced multiple-layer shell protection. The shell protection is utilized in concentric circles around our buildings and around each private data room within the data center building. They start from the outer perimeter and move inwards to the area of the building or the room that has the greatest need for protection. Each layer is mutually independent and designed to reduce the potential impact of an attack; i.e., each layer is designed to delay and disable an attack for as long as possible.


Routines and processes are important parts of the security

We have placed great emphasis on carefully analyzing and evaluating our security in order to minimize all types of risk. Routines and processes are developed to perfection. Our processes apply to all of our facilities and the level of ambition and awareness of security is equally high regardless of which of our data centers you choose. Although routines and processes are extremely important, it is equally important that the entire company is constantly aware of risks that may arise, and that everyone knows how to act in case of an attack. With that said, we have built a security culture in the company. The essence of this culture is an important part in our way of creating customer value. Our security ability is very well developed and approved by the Swedish Security Police.



Our data centers are equipped with a variety of systems to ensure security. In case of a threat to one of our facilities advanced camera systems and sensors instantly detect unwanted events at an early stage. We do not reveal which type of systems and solutions we have chosen, but we can guarantee that everything is chosen with the utmost care. In addition to the security systems, which are always active, our sites have a 24-7 surveillance, every day of the year, which means that our staff constantly monitors the status of the facilities.



We are always prepared for the worst and have enlisted the market's best players in order to analyze potential risks and to develop solutions to minimize them. The threats are constantly changing, which means that dedicated experts are needed to support us in constantly improving and developing our safety work.


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  • A “total package” that provides world-class security

    Digital assets are becoming increasingly critical for every company and organization, and we know that they will only grow more important as digitalization continues. It is equally certain that the nature of future threats will be different and that data centers might be potential targets. EcoDataCenter generally has a very strong focus on security. It permeates the location and design of our sites, as well as the way we conduct ourselves and operate our facilities. If you value your digital assets and want a partner with an unparalleled security focus, EcoDataCenter is the right choice for you.

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