Scalability and capacity for the needs of the future

With access to buildable space and large amounts of renewable energy, we have the capacity to follow our customers’ development as their needs grow. We offer long-term partnerships where we can grow together with our customers – regardless of size.

  • Scalabilty
  • Capacity for both today and tomorrow

    EcoDataCenter’s scalable design is specially structured to provide both an extremely high level of accessibility and a very high degree of scalability, a combination that gives our customers peace of mind.

    Our Main site in Falun is the facility that has the most available power, as well as the facility that offers the greatest opportunities for large customers and customers with ambitious growth plans. EcoDataCenter will gradually expand the capacity, especially in the region around our Main site, where approximately 500MW of power is available.

  • Dan Andersson, COO/CSO
  • Ready for the future

    Our data centers have secured both physical space and electricity distribution for many years to come.

    By concluding strategic agreements with local and regional water and wind turbines, we have secured the availability of 100% renewable electricity – both now and in the future. We also have plenty of room to expand our existing facilities as necessary.

    Dan Andersson, CEO

  • Data center scalabilty
  • Scalable to your needs

    One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing data center services instead of self-operation is scalability, i.e., the ability to quickly expand or reduce capacity depending on how your needs change.

    In self-operation, scalability is one of the most challenging issues to solve. There is a major risk that a company will build a facility that either becomes restrictive and hinders its development or that the facility will be too large and far too costly for the company’s needs. EcoDataCenter’s large scale allows it to handle all possible scenarios for both upscaling and downscaling. This results in a safe solution that minimizes the risk of future problems when it comes to matching needs and costs.

  • Cooling systems
  • Datacenter – a long-term decision

    Choosing a data center is an important and long-term decision, and much will change during the contract period.

    Scalability is a very important parameter to consider, to avoid that the data center you choose does not become a limiting factor in your success due to i.e., limited access to physical space or simply a lack of electricity in the region. As a result, customers may be forced to move to another data center with a larger capacity that can handle all their data securely and reliably.

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