Design for customization without compromises

Our method for designing data centers and our know-how in optimizing operations by utilizing the features of our different sites make our offer very flexible. The result is efficient solutions optimized according to the customer’s needs.

  • Sustainable design for maximum efficiency

    Our expert knowledge in design is the core of our unique offering. Together with a strong network of leading partners, we can offer the customer various alternative solutions based on the latest technology.

    The design method is crucial for how efficient a data center becomes. The design includes everything from the planning of layout, systems for cooling, electricity, and safety to the choice of materials and equipment. The market's need for even higher density and an increased focus on sustainability and energy efficiency has influenced the design of data centers.

  • Jan Fahlén , Site Development Manager
  • Award-winning design

    In 2020 EcoDataCenter was named the winner in the category Multi-Tenant Data Center Design Award of DCD Global Awards 2020.

    We are very proud to be acknowledged for the innovative and energy-effective construction of our data center facilities in Falun, Sweden. Wood is a renewable and strong construction material, ideal for many types of corporate buildings.

    Jan Fahlén , Site Development Manager

  • High accessibility and a short time to market

    We can offer fast RFS (Ready-For-Service), which is of great value for the vast majority of customers. Whether you need to expand in an existing environment, expand your interfaces or establish a customized building on one of our sites, we can always offer fast production time that gives you a very competitive RFS. At our data centers, we always have capacity and surfaces that can be used immediately. Contact us for more information about the current situation.

  • Rapid customization of technology

    EcoDataCenter’s unique design allows us to quickly adapt to both changing needs and technological development, safeguarding our long-term collaborations and giving customers peace of mind. Not only can we meet the needs of various customers, but we can also serve customers who themselves have various types of equipment that require different solutions for efficient operations.

  • Make your IT-operations more sustainable

    We are happy to assist companies who want to take the first step towards a more climate-adapted IT operation. A great opportunity is that you can optimize the speed of your low density/low latency data while simultaneously reducing your CO₂ impact, by storing your remaining data in our data center in Falun.

    Contact us to get a proposal on how your company can move towards a greener IT operation.

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