Why EcoDataCenter?

With sustainability, world-class security and performance, and a highly competitive total cost of ownership (TCO), we are at the forefront of the new generation of data centers.

Dan Andersson, CEO

Swedish pioneers in sustainable data centers

We revolutionized the data center industry by building one of the most sustainable data centers in the world. By setting a new standard for energy efficiency and by constantly driving the development further in collaboration with our partners, we are at the forefront of cooling technology, safety and sustainability. We are aiming to become the Nordic region's leading data center supplier with the ambition to make our Swedish data centers and our customers' IT operations more secure and more sustainable than ever.

Welcome to join our journey.

Dan Andersson, CEO

Lars Schedin, Group CEO

World-class sustainability

A climate calculation that really stands out makes us the market's safest choice when it comes to sustainable IT operations.

Although the term “green data center” is widely used, there is a big difference in how the climate footprint is calculated. Read more about how we think and act sustainably and also challenge the industry's way of calculating climate footprints.

Still, no one has caught up with us when it comes to the level of sustainability. We teach you to tell the difference when it comes to sustainable data centers.

Lars Schedin, Senior Avisor

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Dan Andersson, COO

Extremely high level of security

Efficient security systems, routines and processes and shell protection are combined for ultimate protection.

Our security includes everything from choosing a safe location of the site to setting daily work-flows. We take care of every detail when it comes to technology, processes, design of premises and safety regulations.

Dan Andersson, CEO

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Karin Wigert, HR

A team of experts

Our employees are our most important asset and competitive advantage. The value we place in them permeates everything we do, from our recruitment process to how we develop our workers.

We recruit our employees with great care for the details. Step by step, we build a dynamic and competent team with world-class knowledge.

Karin Wigert, HR

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Mikael Svanfeldt, CTO

The technology of the future is already here

Innovation is part of our DNA. Together with world-leading partners, we drive the development forward.

Technology, together with design, is a very important tool for securing our customers' data and at the same time be able to reduce energy consumption. By combining smart design with the latest technology, we increase efficiency and make our data centers even more safe and sustainable.

Mikael Svanfeldt, CTO

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Carl Frögelius, CEO

Award-winning design

In 2020 EcoDataCenter was named the winner in the category Multi-Tenant Data Center Design Award of DCD Global Awards 2020.

We are very proud to be acknowledged for the innovative and energy-effective construction of our Main Site data center facilities in Falun, Sweden. Wood is a renewable and strong construction material, ideal for many types of corporate buildings.

Jan Fahlén , Site Development Manager

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We are ready to scale up when you are

With EcoDataCenter, you get a partner who will accompany you into the future.

Our data centers have secured both the physical space and the electricity distribution for a long time to come. This means that we have the capacity required to process huge amounts of data – today and tomorrow.

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NPS Cosyomer survey

Customer satisfaction

EcoDataCenter proudly presents a fantastic result in the NPS customer survey 2021.

The overall score for the entire EcoDataCenter and our five sites in three locations was plus 83 on a scale from -100 to +100. EcoDataCenter's high level of security, world-class sustainability, and most importantly, the communication with our customers were highlighted by the participants as key factors when responding.
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