Sustainability that really makes a difference

Let us guide you in the transition to a more sustainable IT. With our Main Site data center, we are the Swedish pioneers who still lead the development in sustainable data management.

  • Climate Calculation
  • Climate calculation

    Sustainable data centers and so-called green IT are common expressions today and more and more data centers offer climate-friendly data center services. Not everyone can deduce how their climate impact is calculated. With regard to all significant factors affecting the climate, we can prove our Main Site in Falun's climate impact. Our climate calculation is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).

  • Lars Schedin, Senior Advisor
  • World-class sustainability

    A climate calculation that really stands out makes us the market's safest choice when it comes to sustainable IT operations.

    Although the term “green data center” is widely used, there is a big difference in how the climate footprint is calculated.

    Still, no one has caught up with us when it comes to the level of sustainability. We teach you to tell the difference when it comes to sustainable data centers.

    Lars Schedin, Senior Advisor

  • Falun landscape
  • Step by step towards a reduced climate footprint

    We have made it easy for our customers to move step by step to a more sustainable operation. By combining storage at our three different types of data centers, we can adapt availability, sustainability and cost efficiency to the customer's specific needs.

    In addition to environmental sustainability, our sustainability work also includes social and economic sustainability. We stand for diversity and equality in our organization, and high ethical standards applies to all aspects of our business.

  • Rooms
  • Sustainability on our sites

    Arctic Sites

    Surrounded by Swedish northern forests and located close to several hydropower plants nearby, our Arctic Sites have constant access to 100% renewable electricity in the form of hydropower.

    City Sites

    The location in an urban area makes City Sites an excellent complement to our other sites. City 1 is partly supplied by self-produced solar energy from solar panels on the building's roof.

    Main Site

    In terms of the level of sustainability, our Main Site in Falun is unique. At this from construction and tillage to technology selection to energy supply and energy recovery is designed to contribute to a low zero CO₂ footprint.

  • Rooms
  • Sustainable IT powered by EcoDataCenter

    To simplify the selection of sustainable partners and suppliers we have created a concept called Sustainable IT by EcoDataCenter. Our clients and our partners offering IT services have the right to use this label in their marketing and product information. Look out for this label when choosing your strategic partners and suppliers to make sure they are running their IT in the most sustainable way, powered by EcoDataCenter in Sweden.

  • Unique solution for heat recovery

    Through an integration with the city's CHP plant, surplus heat is utilized and used for heating and production of renewable biofuels. The site is supplied by 100% renewable electricity - hydropower and wind power from northern Sweden. The buildings are wooden structures.

    Climate impact

    The excess heat from our server halls is transported to the thermal power plant, which is only a few hundred meters from the EcoDataCenter Main site. The excess heat represents a savings of about 700 – 800 hours per year in fossil fuel operations, which is more than the total CO₂ emissions that EcoDataCenter generates in a year. With the help of EcoDataCenter, the thermal power plant can increase its pellet production, which reduces total CO₂ emissions in and around Falun.

    100% renewable green electricity

    The electricity available at EcoDataCenter in Falun is 100% renewable. We use neither fossil fuels nor nuclear power. We are based in Sweden, whose low electricity tax for data centers results in a very competitive average electricity cost. From a lifecycle perspective, the greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sources we use are very low. At our facility in Falun, both carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs are lower than the Swedish average.

    Superior Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

    Our electrical and cooling systems have been designed with the highest possible energy efficiency. The result is an extraordinarily good energy efficiency factor for a Tier IV plant, with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness = Energy consumption for IT (kW) / Total energy consumption (kW)) as low as at 1.15.

    Efficient heat recovery

    Heat from servers in a data center is not normally reused, and is instead released into the data center’s environment, creating a “heat island.” Our data centers instead make the most of all this excess heat (ERE – Energy Reuse Effectiveness). They are integrated into larger energy ecosystems where the heat from the data center is reused for heating buildings and as heat for industrial processes.

    Our green electricity has been the key to achieving the high level of sustainability at our data center.

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