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Large scale data center site for colocation and wholesale
Falun, Sweden

At our Main Site your valuable digital assets are protected by advanced security solutions and even nature itself. Welcome to the Main Site with huge expansion possibilities.

Let your business develop and grow in our state-of-the-art facility in Falun, where sustainable design and energy efficiency meet optimal physical and technical security. This is Sweden’s safest HPC plant, optimized for high-density applications. Our Main Site already protects critical data from some of the world’s largest companies in various industries. This is a testament to the site’s unique capacity and EcoDataCenter’s ability to meet high demands and handle large data volumes.

Excellent security level

The extremely high level of security at the facility includes both shell protection and modern security systems as well as 24/7 surveillance. As the site was built, the location was carefully chosen. A barrier of boulders and hard-to-reach areas surrounds the site, which is located in a low risk area outside Falun.

Modular design for fast and sustainable expansion

This large-scale facility gives your company the opportunity to quickly gain access to more space as the needs get bigger. The facility’s flexible and modern design allows us to offer many different options, ranging from high-density racks in shared environments to wholesale solutions in our own properties. This means that our customers can look forward to a long-term and secure solution for their data operations.

100% wind and hydropower

With its unique location in Falun, about 200 km northwest of Stockholm, the site has access to nearby wind farms and hydropower plants. The electricity consumed at our site in Falun is 100% renewable. 75% comes from hydropower and 25% from wind power. The electricity comes from large regional hydropower plants and nearby wind farms that have extremely low CO₂ emissions during their lifecycle and offer highly competitive energy costs. In the big cities, the energy mix looks completely different. The renewable energy sources that are considered “green” usually has a much larger climate footprint.

The site comprises data centers of varying sizes, with a total of 80 MW of available electrical power for electricity and cooling, redundantly few from independent and separate power stations near the site.

World-unique solution for heat recovery

The site is connected to the city of Falun’s CHP plant and in a unique solution, the generated surplus energy is used for the production of renewable fuel in the form of pellets.

Read more about sustainability at our Main Site

Overview of latency for Falun

Source: Telia Carrier. All figures are estimated RTD for wavelength.

Helsinki 10 ms
Oslo 10 ms
Copenhagen 10 ms
Hamburg 14 ms
Frankfurt 21 ms
Munich 28 ms
Paris 31 ms
Amsterdam 21 ms
London 27 ms
Vienna 32 ms
Dublin 37 ms
Prague 31 ms
Warsaw 32 ms
S:t Petersburg 14 ms

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