Welcome to Arctic Sites Piteå

Data centers for colocation and wholesale located on 65°N
Piteå, Sweden

Let your digital assets grow and develop in our northernmost sites. Cost-effective storage and a security level as tough as the ice-cold polar night guarantee maximum ROI.

Both our Arctic Sites are strategically located on a high latitude (65 ° N) in rural areas. With a very high-security rating, they are optimized for storing and archiving large amounts of data.

Flexible design creates opportunities

The sites’ flexible design can be easily adapted for low- and high-density alternatives on a small or large scale. Our offerings include custom solutions for larger customers in private rooms (Customized Private Rooms), private suites in shared rooms (Customized Private Suites), and Customized Cages.

100% hydropower

In addition to its physical location, which creates an optimal climate for data center operations, the site offers other advantages, such as the area’s excellent access to renewable electricity. The large supply enables the area to offer electricity from 100% hydropower at prices that are among the lowest in the world.

Arctic Site 1

Our Arctic Site 1 consists of two data centers, both built in the same area and equipped with the same advanced shell protection. The location is a low-risk area, carefully chosen for its accessibility, excellent power supply, and secure communication. The northern location contributes to efficient cooling and access to 100% renewable electricity.
The design is optimized for traditional colocation, HPC, and storage. The design is focused on high availability in a safe and efficient environment.

Built for traditional colocation, HPC, and storage.

Arctic Site 2

Arctic site 2 is an EMP-protected facility located in a safe place with a perfect distance to Arctic site 1, for the sites to constitute a twin site solution. Arctic site 2 is built as a secret military facility on a location that is particularly selected to provide maximum security. The site is ideal for colocation and wholesale services. In addition, the site also offers workplaces that can be used in the event of serious incidents. The northern climate in combination with the free cooling and the easy access to 100% renewable electricity makes the site a perfect choice for efficient data operations.

Designed for traditional Colocation and storage.

Latency for Piteå

Source: Telia Carrier. All figures are estimated RTD for wavelength.

Helsinki 17 ms
Oslo 17 ms
Copenhagen 17 ms
Hamburg 21 ms
Frankfurt 29 ms
Munich 35 ms
Paris 38 ms
Amsterdam 28 ms
London 33 ms
Vienna 39 ms
Dublin 43 ms
Prague 38 ms
Warsaw 37 ms
S:t Petersburg 20 ms

Source: Telia Carrier. All figures are estimated RTD for wavelength.

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