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Three locations. Five data centers. Endless possibilities.

With our five sites in three different locations, we can offer unique opportunities for data operation based on different requirements and needs. This flexible solution means that you can easily optimize the services according to your specific needs, something that improves both operational reliability and overall economy.

  • Main Site

    Welcome to the Main Site with enormous expansion opportunities – where sustainable design and energy efficiency meet optimal physical and technical security.

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  • Arctic Sites

    Let your digital assets grow in our northernmost sites. Cost-effective storage and a level of security as tough as the ice-cold polar night guarantees maximum ROI.

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  • City Sites

    Experience really fast and efficient data management in an urban environment in our high-tech twin sites. Full replication and modern security systems secure your data for the future.

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Our sites in Sweden

EcoDataCenter offers a uniquely broad range of solutions, with five data centers in three locations in Sweden. Our various site options, each with its own advantages, allow us to create secure and flexible solutions for customers with particularly high demands.

Main Site

Our Main Site in Falun is best known for it’s sustainability – optimized for HPC and with a large scale that enables long and secure partnerships.

City Sites

Our City Sites constitute a twin-site solution with two of Stockholm’s most modern data center facilities. Both are designed, built and optimized for data center operations, resulting in a secure and superior solution.

Arctic Sites

Our Arctic Sites in Piteå consists of two separate sites, one of which is optimized for traditional colocation and HPC. The other consists of an EMP-protected and hidden facility.

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