Wholesale – let us create your sustainable IT world

When faced with the choice between building your own environment or outsourcing operations to an external data center, you may have many questions. EcoDataCenter quickly and securely creates your optimal IT environment so you don’t have to worry about skyrocketing investment costs and time-consuming construction.

A Long-term partnership

With EcoDataCenter, you get a long-term partner who is ready to accompany you into the future. We have the capacity to meet very high user requirements and to process huge amounts of data – today as well as tomorrow.

Sustainable power supply

We have secured the availability of sustainable electricity to power our data centers – no matter how much you and our other customers expand. We specialize in a whole new level of flexibility, environmental responsibility for a sustainable future and unparalleled security systems for stable and secure operations. We offer several different solutions within wholesale, where you choose whether you want to rent a room, a suite, a module or an entire building.

Wholesale is the ideal alternative for customers who are searching for the best way to reduce CAPEX, increase their independency of own investments and staff, and still have their own data center.

Learn more about our solutions below.


Suites are a great option if your needs are not great, but you require your own space for your equipment. A suite is its own private space that meets your security requirements when your equipment can’t be in the same space as another customer’s. We offer Suites with the same performance and flexibility as other options.


With us you can rent your own computer hall in the same way that you rent an office. The design of our facilities makes it easy to adapt them to the vast majority of needs, and you can locate your data in your own room, just as if you had your own data center. This solution also allows you to enjoy all the benefits of large-scale operations and all the safety and security that our data centers provide.


There are many advantages to having your own building located on a large-scale data center campus. With our Building solution, you get quick and easy access to your own data center, constructed and adapted to your needs while still being part of a larger whole, with all the advantages that affords. You are shielded by our shell protection and operated by our expert teams, with full control and 24/7 monitoring.


If you have your own modular solutions, you can set them up on our premises. This solution means that you end up inside our shell protection and are connected to our supply systems. You gain the high accessibility that our facilities provide, as well as the superior sustainability that is EcoDataCenter’s signature. In this way, you create a dedicated and secure location for your data. Our modular solutions are located in Falun and Piteå.

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