Smart Hands & Remote Hands

Smart Hands & Remote Hands – rapid response from our on-site experts

It is easy to be a customer of EcoDataCenter. We offer time- and resource-saving services, so you do not have to send staff to our facilities to perform the most common measures.

We are always on site, for your safety and comfort

Our on-site experts are ready to provide you with service, perfect for situations when you do not have the opportunity or wish to be on site, very convenient if the data center is far from our own operations.

Through our Remote Hands and Smart Hands services, we perform both simple, quick interventions such as cabling, rack installation and on-demand restart, as well as more advanced tasks.

Outsourcing something as important as data center services is a big step that requires careful planning and preparation. One of the main challenges often identified by organizations has to do with control and the proximity of their equipment. This issue becomes more significant the further away the equipment is located, and is particularly affected by the amount of time it takes to get to the location, should the need arise.

To simplify the step towards outsourced data center operations, we offer a number of services that safeguard your operations and reduce downtime. EcoDataCenter has a very strong and experienced operations organization that works across all our facilities, generating invaluable knowledge and experience. Our staff performs both Smart Hands and Remote Hands services, by appointment if desired.

Reduce the need for own staff

Hiring our support reduces the need to employ your own staff with corresponding knowledge. This is especially valuable when your organization is located far from the data center, or when changes in your needs lead to expansions or reductions.

Our services cover everything from goods receipt and unpacking, network services and installation of equipment, to restarting of equipment and replacement of hardware components. With our services, the time required is minimized, as well as the risk of unnecessary operational disruptions .

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