Communication – secure, separated and high-quality fiber networks

With safe, separated and high-quality fiber networks, we offer solutions from most of the market’s carriers. This means that you get secure access to your data and can easily create the services you need.

Communication to a data center plays a critical role as it is crucial for access to the data located in the data center. Sweden is known for being a country that not only has impressive fiber network coverage, but also high-quality installed networks. This affects both function and performance.

All our sites have physically separated fiber routes into the facility and we can offer solutions from the vast majority of carriers on the market. At our Main site, the carrier Telia has a POP that ensures that the facility has all the necessary prerequisites for secure communication solutions. We offer both our own links and internet connections, as well as the internal network connecting our customers’ racks.

Connectivity solutions

EcoDataCenter is an operator-independent colocation provider. We offer network connectivity through several network operators, including suppliers of dark fiber and wavelengths. If your network operator isn’t already on-site, we can invite them to establish themselves in our data center in order to meet customer-specific needs. We also provide connections between our various data centers.

Meet-me rooms

For increased security and diversity, fiber optic cables enter our data centers through multiple stations that lead to redundant, centralized meet-me rooms. We offer both fiber and copper connections.

Structured cabling

We provide structured cabling within our data centers. Our full-scale design uses innovative, modular and well-structured cable solutions and high port density cabling. It also secures a high level of security and flexibilty. We offer both fiber and copper connections according to our customers’ wishes and requirements.

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