Colocation – flexibility that delivers superior TCO

EcoDataCenter provides the sustainable colocation solutions of the future, today. With the world’s first climate positive data center, world-class security and performance, and a highly competitive total cost of ownership (TCO), we are at the forefront of the new generation of data centers.

Ready to meet the needs of tomorrow

Running a modern data center is not only capital-intensive and technically challenging. With a data center comes a huge responsibility for the function and security of the equipment located in the facility. More and more organizations are opting to choose colocation instead of building and operating their own data centers. One of the major challenges of choosing your own solution is uncertainty about the future. The only thing we know for certain about the future of IT is that it will change.

With a partner like EcoDataCenter, you can focus on your core business and rest assured that we’re adapting your data center for future changes and technological shifts. The same applies to changes in your needs, which are handled much more easily with colocation, especially with the large scale and breadth of service that we provide.

Functionality first

The most important parameter for the equipment is its function, i.e., that it always works, no matter what happens in the outside world. With a colocation solution, we agree upon clear requirements for SLA in relevant areas, which makes things easier for both you as a client and us as a supplier. Our organization runs all our data centers, resulting in very solid knowledge and experience that together with our solid procedures and processes create a very safe colocation environment for our customers. With the services we offer within Smart Hands and Remote Hands, we minimize the need to send in your own staff to fix a problem. This reduces both the downtime and the need to have your own resources with the same skills. 

EcoDataCenter as a colocation partner

With EcoDataCenter as a colocation partner, you get the market’s best and broadest solution where you can take advantage of all the benefits we provide in sustainability, security and flexibility.

As your partner, we are fully focused on protecting our customers’ equipment and ensuring its full functionality. This commitment, combined with our advanced data centers allows our customers to sleep peacefully at night.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and will be highlighted from all perspectives, not least in IT and data centers. With EcoDataCenter as your partner you will get good results in reviews of the IT climate footprint. Choosing EcoDataCenter as partner is a long-term decision that will have a positive impact on sustainability.

Contracted PUE facilitates budgeting and planning

To facilitate budgeting and planning, we offer contracted PUE throughout the term of agreement. Our PUE differs between our facilities and is dependent on technology through which, e.g., so-called “wet cooling” yields extremely low values. It’s worth noting that PUE doesn’t tell you everything about how energy-efficient a facility is – it’s also important to get the full picture and include such factors as recycling in your calculations. We strive to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency without sacrificing accessibility and reliability.

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