Cloud – build your own cloud or smart hybrid solutions

Connect to the clouds and create a whole new world with all the features and services you need.

Today, the vast majority of organizations use different types of cloud solutions. More and more people are also realizing the benefits of locating their equipment in our secure and sustainable data centers, from which they can then connect to big clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud, enabling them to utilize all of their features and services.

This means several advantages. You get a very cost-efficient solution with full access to cloud functionality, offering 100% control over where your data is located, and at the same time you can have your equipment placed in a climate-positive data center.

Take control and maximize functionality

With our Cloud Connect service you can reach the whole world, safely and securely, from our MAIN site. You choose which cloud services you want to use and we will make sure you get a fast, stable and secure connection. We offer hybrid solutions where you can combine your private cloud with one or more public clouds. This is very handy because it gives you increased control over your private data.

When you locate your equipment on-prem at one of our sites, you also benefit from a complete and seamless interaction between clouds and hardware, with the major advantage that your equipment is physically located in a well-protected, Swedish data center.

You are connected via private and dedicated connections that ensure optimal security, whether you need point-to-point or point-to-multipoint.

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