Webinar: EcoDataCenter Forum #1 – Protect your digital assets

Welcome to join our first webinar in the series EcoDataCenter Forum.

New types of threats to digital assets are constantly putting pressure on all instances handling data – management teams, IT-departments, datacenters in companies and the public sector. Every organization needs a strategy for securing valuable data, but only a few know how to approach the issue.

Join the webinar EcoDataCenter Forum #1, June 17th 2021 2:00 – 3:00PM CET. and listen to experienced experts sharing valuable insights in today’s threats to datacenters and explaining how a threat-based approach is the key to a reliable data security strategy.

We are proud to announce speakers from Vesper Group, Orange Cyberdefense and CBRE along with Dan Andersson, CSO at EcoDataCenter.

Welcome to one of the most important webinars this year.

Register today at

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