Pierre Welander becomes the new Project Manager at EcoDataCenter

Pierre joins EcoDataCenter from SWECO, where he has been responsible for the Installation consulting group. The role included assignment management, electrical contract inspection, and risk assessments. Onwards, he will be responsible for optimizing EcoDataCenter’s five data centers and planning for future new builds.

The choice to join EcoDataCenter was mainly based on the company’s culture and sustainability mindset.

“There is a strong team spirit and a collective desire to create good outcomes here. EcoDataCenter’s clear goal to be sustainable in data center operations also attracted me to be able to contribute to sustainable development within IT.”

Given EcoDataCenters expansion phase, the role is to develop existing facilities and plan for future new builds.

“I am looking forward to contributing to EcoDataCenter’s journey and thereby allowing more customers to benefit from green data center services,” Pierre concludes.

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