Mika Itäranta, Technician Operation

With over 27 years as a qualified engineer specialized in security and technical installations within the security industry, Mika Itäranta started at EcoDataCenter’s Main Site in Falun in October 2021 as an Operations Technician responsible for the daily operations at the data center.

His choice to start at EcoDataCenter was based on the culture and high-level teamwork.

“What attracted me to EcoDataCenter was the mix of people and their background skill sets. The team here is strong and I thought I would both be challenged and get to learn and develop in my role. I now experience this to be true – through cooperation between our different departments we solve challenges together.

Mika specializes is security systems and ensuring that the operating systems work properly and are unaffected by external factors.

“I have been working with design, service, and installation of technical security systems such as different types of alarms, camera surveillance and access control systems. This has given me insights that help me in my work here with optimizing the daily operations and meanwhile ensuring the highest possible security level.

His greatest passion and driving force are problem solving and constantimprovements.

” I get triggered by problems and finding solutions to them. What spurs me on in my job is that I never stop learning.”

Mika is looking forward to continuing growing in his new role and follow the industry’s development.

“We have a culture here that I truly appreciate being part of. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities to learn. The IT-industry is also still rapidly expanding which contributes to exciting things to look forward to, Mika concludes.

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