Loopia chooses EcoDataCenter for sustainable data center services

Loopia, one of the largest players within web services in the Nordic market, works actively to increase sustainability without sacrificing function and security. Now, they are moving their system operation to EcoDataCenter’s facility in Falun, which means thousands of companies and individuals gets access to sustainable web services.

“We are proud of the trust that we have gained and look forward to supporting Loopia in their continued delivery of high-quality services to their customers. Loopia’s large customer base places high demands on operational reliability and scalability, which together with their high sustainability goals suits us extremely well”, says Magnus Angermund, CMO at EcoDataCenter.

EcoDataCenter launched the world’s first carbon dioxide positive data center in 2018 and has a wide range of services that combine security and flexibility with a high level of sustainability from several aspects. The facility in Falun is built entirely out of wood and powered 100% by renewable energy sources. The surplus heat generated by the data center is utilized by municipally owned Falu Energi & Vatten, either directly for heating or as an important ingredient in the manufacturing of biofuel. This makes it a unique solution that truly ensures the data center’s sustainable standards. In addition to this, the facility has an extremely high level of physical and technical safety.

“We are Sweden’s largest and fastest growing company in domain and hosting services; therefore, it is important that we make positive changes. Given our size, our chance to influence others is greater than our competitors. Since sustainability concerns us all in some aspect, we are now at the forefront of setting a new industry standard where the goal is to help our customers to greener IT”, says Hannah Johnsson Bittmann, Head of Sweden at Loopia.

The topic of Sustainable IT has been held back and downgraded on the agenda of sustainability work for a long time, despite the fact that it has had a major impact on the overall carbon footprint of companies. Now demands are increasing on companies to create a sustainable infrastructure, where IT plays an important part. The trend is welcomed by EcoDataCenter.

“We have the capacity to meet Loopia’s high demands on safety, sustainability and accessibility. This is a big step for Loopia, and we hope that more companies follow their good example of ensuring climate-safe IT-services”, says Dan Andersson, operations manager for EcoDataCenter’s facility in Falun.

Press contact EcoDataCenter:
Magnus Angermund, CMO, EcoDataCenter, +46 732 31 96 30,

Press contact Loopia:
Jesper Dahl, Marketing Director, Loopia AB, +46 706 52 05 23,

About EcoDataCenter
EcoDataCenter is the world’s first climate-positive data center. With an innovative design and world-leading technology, we build and operate data centers for colocation, HPC and wholesale/hyperscale. Our facility in Falun is connected to and leads our surplus heat directly back to the heating plant and into the biofuel production plant. Our facility is run entirely on renewable energy sources and is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. EcoDataCenter is a company in rapid growth that aims to grow both by acquiring and building more data centers.

About Loopia
Loopia AB is one of Sweden’s largest and fastest growing web hotels with operations in Sweden, Norway and Serbia. The company offers innovative solutions for managing websites and e-mail to both individuals and companies. Reliable services with dedicated staff at competitive prices.

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