EcoDataCenter establishes in Stockholm with two facilities

As of October 1 EcoDataCenter will be established in Stockholm, through the acquisition of two of the region’s most modern and energy-efficient data center facilities.

EcoDataCenter, which is known for the climate-positive data center in Falun, now also establishes a strong position in Stockholm by acquiring two of the region’s most sustainable and modern data center facilities. EcoDataCenter thus complements its offer with accessible and secure data center services within the Stockholm area.

“The two facilities in Stockholm give us completely new opportunities when it comes to helping companies to convert to a greener digitization. Our customers can choose to place their latency demanding equipment in Stockholm and use our data center in Falun for bigger data volumes. This might be the springboard that facilitates the customer’s first step towards increased sustainability within IT since the level of sustainability we offer in Falun simply cannot be achieved in Stockholm. In addition, we all have a responsibility to relieve the electricity networks in the Stockholm region due to the electricity shortage that prevails. This will become even more noticeable in the transition to a more modern and sustainable society”, says Magnus Angermund Chief Marketing Officer at EcoDataCenter.

EcoDataCenter has three data center sites, each with a specific focus, which gives customers great opportunities to tailor the services to suite their individual needs. The data center in Falun is the world’s first climate-positive data center, with extremely high levels of capacity and security. The sites in Piteå offer data center operation in northern Sweden, which is a well-known region for data centers, while the two new centers in Stockholm enable services requiring the least possible latency; such as smart city applications, IoT, 5G, etc. The Stockholm sites also make it easier for companies and authorities within the region that strive to improve sustainability when it comes to IT.

” This is an important milestone in the development of EcoDataCenter, and we are proud to establish ourselves in Stockholm in this way. By continuing operations in existing facilities, we can immediately start offering our services. The establishment fits in well with our strategy and goal of becoming the largest provider in sustainable data centers. Our customers can now more easily take the step towards increased sustainability by sharing the equipment between Stockholm and our climate-positive data center in Falun or our centers in Norrland”, says Lars Schedin, CEO of EcoDataCenter

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About EcoDataCenter
EcoDataCenter is the world’s first climate-positive data center. With an innovative design and world-leading technology, we build and operate data centers for colocation, HPC and wholesale/hyperscale. Our facility in Falun is connected to and leads our surplus heat directly back to the heating plant and into the biofuel production plant. Our facility is run entirely on renewable energy sources and is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. EcoDataCenter is a company in rapid growth that aims to grow both by acquiring and building more data centers.

The plant in Falun is powered entirely by renewable energy sources and thanks to the integration with Falu Energi & Vatten, all excess heat is led back to the heating plant where it is used for heating or production of renewable biofuel (pellets). The plant is designed to be as energy efficient as possible and is operated entirely with renewable energy sources from Norrland. This makes our center in Falun the world’s first climate-positive data center.

EcoDataCenter’s facility in Piteå municipality is located in an area that has been proven good for locating data centers due to the large supply of renewable electricity and a climate that is favorable for sustainable operation. Our data centers in Piteå are well suited for many different applications and industries, not least the space industry, which has the advantages of short distances between antennas and data centers.

In the Piteå region, we also have a hidden and EMP-protected site deep in the forest at a safe distance from highly populated areas. This location is ideal for high-security solutions and applications that require protection against EMP.

EcoDataCenter’s two facilities in Stockholm facilitate companies’ sustainability work in the region. By placing the most critical equipment, which requires the lowest possible latency, in Stockholm and the volumes in the data center in Falun, the transition to a more sustainable IT operation is made easier. The shortage of electricity in the Stockholm area also makes the establishment of large data centers less favorable.

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