EcoDataCenter enters into a multi-year agreement with the H&M Group regarding data center services

The outsourcing enables safer IT operations and an important step towards an increased level of climate-smart data management for the H&M Group.

“To gain trust from such a large and sustainability-focused player as the H&M Group is fantastic and also an important step for us. We are dedicated and proud to facilitate their digitalization, by fulfilling high set demands on accessibility, as well as to contribute to the H&M Group’s strong focus on sustainability”, says Magnus Angermund, Chief Marketing Officer at EcoDataCenter.

EcoDataCenter has expert knowledge in data centers and is specialized in various combinations of services. Hereby the company can guarantee a large-scale operation with an extremely high level of availability. EcoDataCenter has achieved a strong position within sustainability and security, and the company is primarily known for the climate-positive data centers in Falun.

The H&M Group has well established and high set sustainability goals, and by choosing EcoDataCenter as a supplier, an important step is taken towards a more circular and sustainable business. The agreement covers the clothing company’s data center needs for Northern Europe, which in addition to large-scale operations also requires an IT solution with the highest possible security. This is something that fits very well with EcoDataCenter’s offer.

“We see a clear trend in that more and more companies and organizations start to realize the extent of the environmental impact that IT actually has. This knowledge makes them value real and proven sustainability in the choice of data center services. This agreement is a really good example. We are very proud to have won the H&M Group’s trust”, Lars Schedin, CEO of EcoDataCenter concludes.

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Magnus Angermund, CMO, EcoDataCenter, 073 231 96 30,

About the H&M Group
The H&M Group is one of the world’s largest clothing chains and offers quality at the best price in a sustainable way. The focus of the company’s sustainability work is to become climate positive and reach a fully circular cycle. More information about the company’s sustainability work can be read here:

About EcoDataCenter
EcoDataCenter is the world’s first climate-positive data center. With innovative design and world-leading technology, we build data centers for colocation, HPC and wholesale / hyperscale. Our plant in Falun is connected to Falu Energi & Vatten and directs the excess heat directly back to the heating plant, where it is used for heating or production of renewable biofuel (pellets). The plant is designed to be as energy efficient as possible and is operated entirely with renewable energy sources from Norrland. EcoDataCenter is a fast-growing company that intends to grow further through the acquisition and construction of more climate-positive data centers.

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