EcoDataCenter ramps up for continued growth and expansion

After a period of intensive development, EcoDataCenter’s growth rate is intensified. The company’s organization is now optimized to meet the increasing demand for sustainable data center solutions from the international market.

 EcoDataCenter’s powerful offering with scalable and verified sustainable data center services at its core is generating growing interest from both existing and new clients, including several leading international companies. While new customers are being added, existing ones are growing.

With solid support from the company’s owner Areim, EcoDataCenter is entering an expansive phase with the establishment of more data centers. The organization is further developed to empower the company’s growth.

As part of this, the company’s CEO Carl Frögelius will take on a new position, entirely dedicated to new customers and business, thus leaving his role as CEO. This change is implemented in consultation with the Board and on Carl’s initiative, as Carl, with his background, has a vital role to play in enabling the company’s ambitious expansion plans.

“I am looking forward to bringing international clients together with our experts to find sustainable solutions that match their needs over time. Our offering is designed to facilitate our client’s growth,” Carl says.

Dan Andersson, COO, succeeds Carl as CEO, while the company’s COB Lars Pettersson becomes working Chairman of the Board to strengthen the management function further.

“Lars has solid experience in building and leading companies for expansion, complementing Dan’s leadership skills and knowledge of EcoDataCenter’s organization. This is exactly what it takes to strengthen EcoDataCenter for the upcoming growth phase. The fact that the roles are internally recruited shows impressive competence and experience in our organization, which we will continue developing,” Leif Andersson, founder of Areim, says.

“I feel passionate about taking on the responsibility for the increased growth to be realized together with our employees and partners. I feel both humbled and proud to be part of leading EcoDataCenter into the future,” Dan Andersson, succeeding CEO, says.

“To intensify my involvement in EcoDataCenter feels very meaningful. Together with the competent team we already have, I want to help build a company with a passionate focus on customers and employees,” Lars Pettersson concludes.

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