EcoDataCenter enters a partnership with Orange Cyberdefense

EcoDataCenter is now entering a partnership with Orange Cyberdefense to further strengthen the company’s security work and customer offering. Through the collaboration, existing as well as new customers also have the opportunity to develop their IT security with the help of Orange Cyberdefense’s expertise.

“With a combination of high safety awareness, world-class systems, and a range of proactive measures to minimize the risk of external threats, we keep our customers’ operating environments safe. We collaborate with leading players in all areas and Orange Cyberdefense is an obvious choice to further develop our security work”, says Dan Andersson, Security Manager at EcoDataCenter.

The collaboration includes advice on optimizing design, systems, and routines at EcoDataCenter’s different data center sites.

“EcoDataCenter already works proactively with IT and OT security. Our experts in the field help with advice and continuous penetration tests to further develop their security work”, Stefan Johansson Sales Manager Region North at Orange Cyberdefense says.

In the collaboration with EcoDataCenter, Orange Cyberdefense will also offer advisory services to existing customers and new customers who are facing a move of their data to EcoDataCenter’s facilities.

“We also guide companies to securely migrate to EcoDataCenter and thereafter develop their IT security. We look forward to collaborating with EcoDataCenter and their customers in our common vision to secure the emergence of the digital society”, Stefan Johansson Sales Manager Region North at Orange Cyberdefense concludes.

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