Climate-positive and scalable data center services enable Green AI Cloud to offer the world’s greenest AI-services

EcoDataCenter was the answer to Green AI Cloud’s challenge of finding a partner to help reduce the climate impact of their services. Through scalability and EcoDataCenter’s unique heat recovery solution, Green AI Cloud can, in their turn, offer their clients climate-smart AI services. 

About Green AI Cloud

Green AI Cloud is a Swedish reserved public cloud compute service for AI-led by founder Jacob Boström, and the company is the enabler of Hyperscale AI today. Green AI Clouds’ mission is to enable large corporates and startups to be at the forefront in AI/ML by getting access to the fastest cloud computing service in the market. With NVIDIA and Vast Data, Green AI Cloud provides the market’s fastest AI & Analytics cloud computing solution. 

The Challenge
Finding an innovative data center with high capacity and green power supply

Green AI Cloud needed to find an innovative data center partner where new technologies and more efficient AI services could be used. As digital activities make up more than 5% of the global CO2 footprint, Green AI Cloud wanted a sustainable partner with green power available. Finding a secure and reliable partner within the EU and specifically in the Nordics helped the company avoid sending sensitive data abroad.

The Solution 
An innovative solution enabling an enormous amount of data – with the lowest possible carbon footprint 

With EcoDataCenter’s innovative team, the future is secured for Green AI Cloud. The liquid cooling system will enable up to 50 Petaflop for AI computations with only 50kW power consumption.  

On top of the innovation, Green AI Cloud can now become the number 1 provider within green AI, thanks to EcoDataCenter’s sustainable and climate-positive datacenter. 

“Green AI Cloud can, through collaboration with EcoDataCenter, create a negative CO2 footprint by EcoDataCenter’s unique ecosystem for energy recovery. This system is world unique and gives large companies in the Swedish, Nordic, and European region a great sustainability advantage over their competitors located in other parts of the world,” Jacob Boström, CEO at Green AI Cloud, says. 

The Results 
The only CO2-negative solution in the market 

In partnership with EcoDataCenter, the Green AI Cloud platform creates a negative CO2 footprint impact for clients for their AI. 

ESG Certificate 

Thanks to EcoDataCenters climate positive data center, and the unique climate calculation, Green AI Cloud can now offer clients an ESG Certificate. The yearly ESG certificate is based on the Greenhouse Gas protocol, stating the CO2 reduction from using their cloud services. 


EcoDataCenter ensures future growth by having available power, available buildable space. This means Green AI Cloud can grow together with EcoDataCenter, a partnership for the future. 


EcoDataCenter is constantly at the forefront regarding new technology. Whether it’s liquid cooling or other innovative solutions, EcoDataCenter and its partners will continue trying new ways to improve cooling and heat recovery. This gives Green AI Cloud a sustainable partner for the future. 


With EcoDataCenter, Green AI Cloud offers high-performance, sustainable computing services. To get in touch with Green AI Cloud or read more, visit  

“We are proud of Green AI Cloud’s establishment at EcoDataCenter. We are producing the world’s greenest AI in Falun, which means pushing forward a new standard in the data center industry. The increased capacity requirements from customers together with the awareness of the environmental impact of data storage bring Green AI Cloud great opportunities to grow together with EcoDataCenter”, Dan Andersson, CEO at EcoDataCenter concludes. 

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