Board of Directors

Within EcoDataCenter’s board and management we have solid experience of designing, building and operating data centers. We have extensive experience from senior positions, primarily within technology, IT, finance and real estate in both Swedish and international companies.

Lars Pettersson

Chairman of the Board

Board member since: 2020

Current occupation: Working Chairman EcoDataCenter, Interim CEO Rotla Netherlands, Industrial advisor

CV: CEO QD, CEO Martinsson, CEO Atea Sweden, CEO Bisnode group, CEO Nexus Technology, Chairman Nordlo Group

Year of birth: 1961

Education: MSC in Economics, Umeå Universitet

Leif Andersson

Board Member

Board member since: 2019

Year of birth: 1965

Current occupation: Founder and Chairman Areim, Board member CA Fastigheter

CV: Head of investments AP Fastigheter

Education: MSc degree in Real Estate and Economics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Therese Norling

Board Member

Board member since: 2022

Year of birth: 1985

Current occupation: Fund Manager Areim DC Fund,

CV: Equity research at Nordea Markets

Education: MSc degree in Accounting and Financial Management from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Johan Dettel

Board Member

Board member since: 2022

Year of birth: 1978

Current occupation: Senior advisor to Areim dedicated to EcoDC, Board member Iver

CV: Partner EQT, Board member IP-Only, Board member Adamo, Board member Epidemic Sound

Education: MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linkoping Institute of Technology.

Jan Dahlquist

Board Member

Board member since: 2022

Year of birth: 1963

Current occupation: Boardmember 360Player, Rapidus, Upptec, Distriktstandvården, Futur Pension, Ametalis.
Senior Advisor Polaris Private Equity, EHAB Group, Nordic Growth Market
CV: Partner Polaris Private Equity, Partner CapMan, Senior Executive 6a AP Fonden, Management Konsult ALMI Företagspartner

Kristofer Runnqvist

Board Member

Board member since: 2022

Year of birth: 1976

Current occupation: Director and founder Oleter Group, Director Mailit Innovations, Meet i Linköping

CV: Partner AAC Capital Partners, Director Viking Redningstjeneste, Enerpoint, Empower, Envirotainer, Glud & Marstrand and Nictor

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