The World’s Greenest High Performance Data Center

EcoDataCenter is a colocation data center for customers with mission critical requirements. It is a data center that is integrated in a unique energy ecosystem where we reuse the excess heat from the data center to heat the local municipality.

The World’s Greenest Data Center

Data centers consume vast amounts of energy in an incongruously wasteful manner. A single data center can take more power than a medium-size town. Electricity used in servers are converted into heat, so 1 kW of electricity equals 1 kW of heat. This heat from servers is normally not reused, but wasted into the surroundings of the data center, creating an heat island.

EcoDataCenter is integrated in a large energy ecosystem, where heat from the data center is reused for district heating. The data center is located next to a large combined heating & power (CHP) plant that enable us to use highly efficient heat pumps. No electricity is required to increase the return water temperature from the data center. Heat from the data center replaces existing marginal heat production with high CO2 emissions. This CO2 replacement exceeds total CO2 emissions from the data center during a year. This summarizes up to a combined CO2 emission below zero, making us the first climate positive colocation data center in the world.

100 % of the electricity delivered to servers in the data center is coming from renewable sources (hydro, CHP with secondary forest fuels, wind and solar). None of our electricity is produced with fossil fuels or in nuclear power plants – we simply have a green electricity mix. EcoDataCenter has an outstandingly energy efficient design for a Tier IV facility, with a PUE less than 1,15 (Power Usage Effectiveness = Useful IT kW / Totally used kW). In addition, we have the ambition to achieve LEED™ Platinum certification for our building.

World Class Performance Tier IV – first in Sweden

EcoDataCenter focus on providing world class performance to customers for whom IT is mission critical. Consequently, we are seeking to achieve Tier IV certication from Uptime Institute®, and will offer a 100% uptime guarantee. Our basic infrastructure is fully Tier IV compliant, but we also provide Tier III electrical supplies as an economical alternative.

Our location allows us to provide world class physical security, and the data center is designed to meet highest possible security standards. Finally, the data center is designed for hi-density requirements and 20 kW of power and cooling is available for all racks.

Greener means Lower Cost

We have a unique Energy cost position, given the efficient design and our energy reuse. Further, we have highly competitive OPEX and CAPEX. So to summarize, our green design means lower cost.

Our value proposition is simply more benefitt and a lower cost.